We have the service you need for your home, business, or community of neighbours in Alicante and its surroundings. We offer all types of repair services. We attend to urgent or maintenance arrangements, in works and reforms, as well as full maintenance for companies, both preventive and corrective.

Total Maintenance
of businesses and neighbourhood communities

We are a multi-service maintenance company for urbanizations, neighbourhood communities and public Institutions, and green areas, we know what maintenance represents for our clients, we offer a quality service focused on the real needs of each sector, in order to end up giving a service that is functional, practical and economical for the customer.

Quick and effective 
This service is specialized in all types of unblocking and cleaning of pipes, sewers, leaks, feeding and drains, floods, septic tanks, and any plumbing problem that may arise. We have the latest technologies and specialized machinery for this type of work and a great team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We work with factories, communities, businesses, homes, chalets, industries, property managers, department stores, insurance agencies, town halls, and shopping centres.

We design and personalize spaces

We are trained to design and manufacture furniture, wooden structures, stairs, floors, pergolas, kitchens, coatings, and everything “possible” in wood. Specialists in wooden floors (and parquet), wardrobes, and dressing rooms. Our carpenters and carpentry workshops are proven specialists in handcrafted and personalized work on woods of all kinds. Tell us what you want, and our carpenters will help you carry it out, and will assess the different ways of carrying out the work, advising you at all times on the best solution. It does not matter if it is small repairs or large works in wood. We give you quick response at a fair price and we meet our commitments in terms of deadlines and quality of service.

Repairs and new designs

If you are thinking about making a reform in your home, business, commerce, or community, we are the masonry company that you need.

We carry out specific works such as tiling, partitioning, plaster boarding, window installation, waterproofing, and much more…

We carry out renovations of bathrooms, kitchens, or full reforms, carrying out all the complementary activities related to the masonry work.


Colour and fantasy

With a wide staff of professionals, we provide service or creative solutions for your home / business, adapting to all trends. Clean, fast, and effective work at very affordable prices.

Quality and commitment

This service guarantees the maximum profitability and optimization of the cleaning system for your community, thanks to our management based on innovation and respect for the environment, this makes us your best solution to cover the hygiene and sanitation needs of your community through a professional and personalized system. We also have a team of glass cleaning specialists to cover any job that your company or community needs.

The environment goes first.

Our commitment to maintaining the gardens that we take care of is in each of the elements that make up it, in order to make them stand out by themselves and be able to present an unbeatable appearance depending on the time of year in question. We are perfectionists in everything related to landscaping. Our company is focused in always satisfying our clients, for this we take care of coordinating different professionals so that your garden project becomes a reality.

Maintenance of Pools
Crystal clear and pure water

This service is made up of professionals from the world of swimming pools, with extensive experience in the sector. We provide solutions to all aspects of a swimming pool: full maintenance, water treatment, supplies … with the best technical and human resources ready to guarantee a quality service to our clients.

Keys to the solution

Our main activities are door opening, installation and repair of locks on all types of doors, safes, metal shutters, automatic doors, armour, and armoured doors. We have a network of fully equipped vehicles to carry out any type of repair or installation. We carry out work for insurance companies, farm administrations, communities, and home repairs 24 hours a day. We have our own workshop for the manufacture of any type of metalwork that you or your company may need.

24 hours.

We carry out all kinds of installations, both industrial and domestic, home automation and building automation, automation, networks, and telecommunications. We repair all types of electrical faults in companies and communities, blackouts, bulletins, opinions, problems in electrical panels, plugs, lighting solutions, electrical installations, connections, change of fuses, maintenance of automatic door openers, revision of light jumps, differentials, and air conditioning in general. We provide fast and professional service 24 hours a day.

Reforms in General
Full colour.

This service offers you the maximum guarantee on all your jobs. For this we carry out an exhaustive control in all the works that we carry out through the supervision of qualified professionals. We work with specialized companies with more than twenty years of experience in the sector and we offer you different solutions so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We have always worked with the best materials on the market for the benefit of our clients.

“The best way to avoid home repairs is to make good use and maintenance of the services so that they do not spoil.”

Our entire range of professional services are designed to make your life easier.
Everything you may need, you get it centrally in a single company that assumes any type of management from the beginning to the end, looking after the interests of the client and guaranteeing seriousness and professionalism in each job.

  • Repairs
  • Emergencies
  • Reforms
  • Maintenance
  • Professional Handymen

The quality of our services is guaranteed by years of experience with qualified professionals.

In Maintenance Esparza and Monreal the satisfaction of our clients is our priority, always.

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